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Staff Online Diversity Training - Self-paced (SODT) 
Course Description:

Diversity is not about 'political correctness'. Rather, it involves acknowledging and valuing the individual differences in personal attributes, skills, and contributions of everyone within and outside the University. 

It is also about respecting these differences and being able to connect with colleagues and students regardless of their personal characteristics. It is not about treating people the same; instead, it’s about recognising that everyone has different needs that may have to be met in different ways. 

This course will illustrate the benefits of appreciating diversity while showing how individuals – and the University – can be negatively affected by discrimination. 

The University's commitment to equality and diversity is detailed in our Equality & Diversity Policy.


By completing this course you can expect to: 

  • Gain an understanding of the broader equality and diversity issues • become familiar with equalities legislation 
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as a member of staff 
  • Be able to explain the negative effects of discrimination.

The core part of this course takes no more than 1 hour to complete.

Intended Audience:
Target Audience: All
01/01/1951 -  (Enrol between 01/01/1951 and Open) Enrol

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