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Working Smarter - Series Overview
Course Description:
Working Smarter is structured as a series of 90 minute modules broken into shorter lessons so you can make progress even if you only have a few spare minutes.

Working Smarter is a programme of easy to implement practical tools you can use to:

  • Feel more in control of your work.
  • Make space for your important stuff.
  • Get clear about your priorities.
  • Learn new habits that help you feel confident and engaged.
  • Inspire colleagues to make your work better together.

The tools have been tried and tested with academic and professional services colleagues. 92% of people say these tools have helped them.

Intended Audience:
All UCL Staff
Target Audience: UCL Staff only
01/01/1951 -  (Enrol between 01/01/1951 and Open) Enrol

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