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Engagement & Impact: Planning for Impact
Course Description:

Important information for Learners: you will eeed to have attended "Engagement & Impact: Introduction to Impact" or read pre-course material. 

An interactive workshop which will help academics to create an impact and evidence plan for their own research projects. Providing tools, resources and support for planning impact activities, participants will leave the session with an understanding of methodologies for creating impact in the ‘real world’.

This interactive session will cover:

  • Defining impact objectives for your research project
  • Understanding secondary areas of impact for your research project
  • Selecting and prioritising stakeholders to achieve change
  • Translating your research to reach non-academic beneficiaries
  • Planning for activities from the outset to maximise impact


By the end of the course, learners will have:

  • Plan an impact strategy for a research project
  • Plan for impactful engagement with stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Utilise a toolkit for engagement, evidence impact  


Intended Audience:
Target Audience: UCL Research Staff and PG Research students only
22/06/2023 - 22/06/2023  (Enrol between 10/03/2023 and 15/06/2023) Enrol

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