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Working Smarter: Regain Control
Course Description:

When work feels out of control it can be very stressful which can really impact your performance.  But you have more power than you think.  This workshop will give you tools to take a step back and see clearly what is going on, take charge and take action.  It will cover 

  • What you need to enjoy work 
  • The 5 things that get in the way
  • How to increase your influence and feel better at work
  • What not to lose sleep over

This bitesize session will use Steven Covey’s, ‘Circles of Influence’ model to examine where control lies and what you can do about it.  This module is rooted in the notion that you have more power than you think.  

Please note this workshop is a bitesize taster session and cannot go into depth on all specific instances.  It works alongside the Working Smarter module, Creating the Right Mindset.

Working Smarter can be accessed via the HR pages on the UCL website.

You can enrol on the programme here:


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Moyra Scott is Lead Productivity Coach at Then Somehow and co-creator of the Working Smarter programme. She specialises in enabling people to do more great work and take control of their diaries, inboxes and work-life balance. Her mission is to help make work more engaging and less stressful. 

In Regain Control, you will learn to:
  • Reduce your overwhelm.
  • Get clearer on what you can do
  • Feel better about the things you can't change
Intended Audience:
Open to all. Primarily intended for Academic, Technical and Professional Services staff of all grades. It will be of particular interest to managers.
Target Audience: UCL Staff only

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