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DA: Multiple Choice Questions: improving assessment decisions
Course Description:

Multiple choice questions have often had a bad rap in education, sometimes seen as assessing only lower level skills such as factual recall. However, with good question design this assessment approach can allow for testing of more complex cognitive processes. Add in the increasing sophistication of options offered by digital assessment platforms, which allow automatic grading and statistical analysis, and you can begin to significantly streamline your marking processes.

This workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of using MCQs in both formative and summative assessment and provide practical guidance on:

  • Constructing good MCQs
  • The range of MCQs available on digital platforms, focussing on AssessmentUCL.

There will be time for discussion and questions.


Please ensure you are using Desktop@UCL or the UCL VPN when booking because you need to be on the UCL network to use the system.

Once you have enrolled, you will need to click on the play button under 'My current enrolments' in My Learning to join at the time of the live session. You will also receive an email containing the direct Microsoft Teams joining link at least a day before the session.

  • Create worthwhile MCQs that test a range of learning outcomes.
  • comprehend the range of MCQs available on digital platforms and how they can be used, focussing on AssessmentUCL.
Intended Audience:
All those engaged in teaching, assessment and the support of learning (academics, administrators, professional service colleagues).?
Target Audience: UCL Staff only
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