UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Levels of Study

SSEES offers BA, MA, MRes and PhD Programmes, as well as welcoming a number of affiliate students each year. Find out more by choosing a level of study.
SSEES Classroom


Programmes covering Economics & Business, Politics & Sociology, Languages & Culture and the interdisciplinary History, Politics & Economics BA. 


Graduate (Taught)

SSEES offers a range of MA and MRes degrees across our four programme areas. As well as traditional one year programmes, we offer a fantastic two-year International Masters (IMESS), involving one year spent at a top university in the SSEES region. 


Graduate (Research)

We provide research supervision in all of our programme areas (Economics & Business, History, Languages & Culture, Politics & Sociology) and offer expertise in all of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. 



SSEES offers a range of language options for students to study at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.    


Study Abroad at SSEES

SSEES welcomes study abroad students to the department each term/semester, based in the heart of London.


Evening Courses

We at SSEES are proud to offer an unparalleled range of evening courses in Central and East European languages - some of which are not available for part-time study anywhere else in the UK.