UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


IMESS Fees and Funding

IMESS Tuition fees (2024/25)

  • £13,500 per annum (Home)
  • £24,000 per annum (International)

Please note fees are payable per year.

Note on fees: The tuition fees shown are for the year indicated above. Fees for subsequent years may increase or otherwise vary. Further information on fee status, fee increases and the fee schedule can be viewed on the UCL Current Students website. Please contact the department directly if you have any queries.

 Location: London, Bloomsbury 

More information on how and when you should pay your tuition fees, how much they'll be, and how to access funding can be found on UCL's Fees and Funding Page.

IMESS Scholarships (2024/25)

  • All applicants applying for an IMESS programme will be automatically considered for the IMESS Scholarship on condition that applications are received before 24 March 2024.

  • We anticipate that a scholarship will be provided by each of our partner institutions.

UCL Registry must have received your full application by no later than this date. All documents must be uploaded on the UCL Applications Portal

Further information can be found on the IMESS Scholarships page.

To find out what other financial aid is available please go to our Other Sources of Funding page. 

FAQs - Scholarships and Fees

What is an IMESS Scholarship?

An IMESS Scholarship is a generous scholarship funded and awarded jointly by the consortium universities. It covers the tuition fees in each year and leaves a little extra to contribute towards living costs. See our scholarships page for further information.

What proportion of my total costs will the IMESS Scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers the fees plus a small contribution to living costs; you will need some personal funding in addition to the scholarship. See our scholarships page for further information.

What are the living costs in the host cities?

London is the most expensive city especially because of the costs of accommodation. Year 2 will generally be cheaper and you can find out more from the partner pages. 

Does the consortium provide accommodation?

Each consortium member provides the option of either university accommodation (not included in the tuition fee) or help in finding private sector accommodation close to the university. Please check UCL’s accommodation services during year 1 at the UCL Student Accommodation website. Further information about services at your second year university will be provided during the first year.

How much are the fees in each year?

The consortium operates on the basis of a single fee payable per year of the programme regardless of the destination choice for the year two country. Fees are paid into a consortium account managed by the lead university (UCL).

How do I pay fees?

You will pay the fees in both years of the programme, to UCL – who collects the fees on behalf of the consortium; you will be sent instructions about this in advance of enrollment. Other useful information on enrollment and arrival can be found here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/new-students 

Can I apply for the scholarship in my second year of study if I have not been awarded the scholarship for my first year of study?

You can’t apply for the IMESS Scholarships but there may be other sources of funding available.  

How many scholarships are available this year?

The number of IMESS scholarships available each year varies but is typically at least 6.