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Shaun Foley


Shaun Foley

UCL Wolfson Quirk Scholar

Supervisors: Dr Uilleam Blacker and Dr Yordanka Velkova

Email: shaun.foley@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @s_m_foley

Working Title of Thesis:  From the Inside Looking Out: A comparative study of cultural and linguistic preservation between the Bulgarian and Ukrainian minorities of Romania.

Research: The aim of the research is to answer the question: how do two minorities in a country, which have many similarities in terms of their history and cultural background, preserve their own identities in the face of national language or assimilation policies that are often seen as restrictive or oppressive?

The principal focus of the research will look at how these minorities have and continue to respond to these policies by looking at key areas, such as language use, education provision, self-perception and cultural preservation and production.

Research Interests: Sociolinguistics. Historical linguistics. Language pedagogy. Representations of LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe. Turkish influence on languages of the region.  Bulgarian/French/ Polish/Romanian/Slovene/Ukrainian culture, folklore, language, literature, and music - in particular that deals with questions of identity or representations of the ‘other’. Literary translation.

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