UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)

Dr Yordanka Velkova

Dr Yordanka Velkova

Honorary Lecturer



Joined UCL
1st Sep 2014

Research summary

My PhD thesis is in the field of morphophonology. It examines vowel, consonant and accentual alternations with morphological value in the verb inflexion of the South Western Bulgarian dialect.

I have co-authored six textbooks of Bulgarian as a foreign language and a textbook on Grammar and Colloquial Speech: How Do Modern Bulgarians Speak?

My academic interests are linked to (Morpho)Phonology, Morphology, Dialectology, Colloquial Speech, and foreign language pedagogy. I am also interested in comparative Slavonic grammar from the Old Church Slavonic perspective. I am currently working on prefixes as semantic-and-grammar markers of determination.

I have worked on several projects aimed at developing mono- and polylingual spoken language corpora and investigating different types of speech: spontaneous and prepared speech, journalist speech, academic, and student speech.

Teaching summary

The modules I teach at SSEES include:

Introduction to Bulgarian Literature and Culture (BA)

Old Church Slavonic and Comparative Slavonic Grammar as a Language Learning Strategy (BA)

Bulgarian Language Level 1 (BA)

Bulgarian Language Level 2a - Comprehension (BA)

Bulgarian Language Level 2b - Production (BA)

Bulgarian Language Level 3A: Comprehension (BA)

Bulgarian Language Level 3B: Production (BA)

Bulgarian Language Level A/B (BA)

New Language: Bulgarian (MA)

Intermediate Language: Bulgarian (MA)


I have been a Lector in Bulgarian Language, Literature and Culture at UCL SSEES since 2014. I am also a Lecturer at The Faculty of Slavonic Studies at Sofia University, Bulgaria and a teacher of Bulgarian at The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London.

Before UCL, I worked at The Faculty of Slavonic Studies at Sofia University ‘’St. Kliment Ohridski’’ where I taught Phonetics and Morphology to students studying Balkanology and Bulgarian Philology and I also taught Bulgarian as a foreign language to international students. While doing my master’s, I taught language and literature at a secondary school in Sofia.

I have studied Bulgarian Language and Literature (BA), Linguistics (MA), and Linguistics (PhD) at Sofia University ‘’St Kliment Ohidski’’. I gained specialisation in the field of Gender and Education at The University of Gothenburg, Sweeden.

In 2018, I was awarded the UCL Student Choice Awards for Inspiring Teaching Delivery.


I love sunny days and smiley people.