UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)



Primary sources

  • Digital Library of the University Library in Bratislava - Digital library contains manuscripts, periodicals, monographs, maps and music sheets digitised by the University Library in Bratislava.
  • Dikda - Digital library and digital archive from the Slovak National Library and the Slovak National Archives. The digitised material includes monographs, newspaper and journal issues, historical maps, and photographs.
  • Slovakiana - Slovak cultural heritage portal.
  • Web umenia - An online catalogue and open platform for publishing art collections from public galleries and museums, with currently more than 100.000 artworks from 11 Slovak galleries.


Secondary sources


Statistical databases

  • Databases of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic - Contains reports (tables) of economic and socio-economic development indicators. Data from various statistical fields are presented in the form of reports in monthly, quarterly or yearly time series. The end of each report name contains an eight-digit code as its unique identifier. Reports of the Indicators of Economic Development of the SR contain data tables, year selection filter and notes. Reports of pre-defined tables contain a button for entering the DATAcube database where a user can work with a multidimensional table and carry out its own selections. Report outputs can be exported into PDF, XML, XLS, CSV formats and the multidimensional tables into PDF and XLS formats. 
  • DATACube - Contains multidimensional tables for indicators of economic and socio-economic development. The classification system of individual tables is based on maintaining the structure of domains and fields similarly as in the web Portal. Data from various statistical fields are presented in the form of multidimensional tables in monthly, quarterly or yearly time series and allow to create your own selections. At the end of the title of each table there is eight-digit code, which is the unique identifier. The outputs can be exported to file formats: PDF and XLS.
  • Slovak Archive of Social Data - An academic research repository of documents and data files from social science research projects to make them widely available for secondary use in academic research and for educational purposes.