UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)



Primary sources 

  • Arhiivi infosüsteem (AIS) - Archival Information System is the database of the National Archives of Estonia and Tallinn City Archives. It allows users to search for documents preserved in the archives.There are about 8,4 million archival records on AIS at the moment.
  • Digar Digital Archive - The National Library of Estonia’s digital archive DIGAR provides access to  online publications, print files and digitised copies of publications. DIGAR contains books, newspapers, journals and magazines, maps, sheet music, photos and postcards. Archived publications can be searched via the e-catalogue ESTER and bibliographic databases created by the National Library of Estonia.
  • Fotis - The database of photographic collections of the National Archives.
  • Filmiarhiiv Infosüsteem - The collections of the Film Archive contain Estonian film and video material from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.
  • Kaardid - A catalogue of maps containing digital images of the maps stored in the National Archives of Estonia and Tallinn City Archives.
  • Rahvusarhiiv - National Archive of Estonia  provides access to a number of digital collections including: digitised documents of church collections, local municipalities, museums, government organisations, film, photos, maps, seals and parchment documents.
  • Saaga - Provides access to a  collection of digitised archival records of the National Archives of Estonia and Tallinn City Archives. It comprises all the archival records digitised in the National Archives of Estonia and Tallinn City Archives.​                                                                                                                                                                               


Secondary sources

  • DataDOI is an open access repository for publishing research data
  • Eesti Filmi Andmebaas - The database provides access to compiled Estonian filmography of over sixteen thousand works. The database describes each film work as thoroughly as possible and provides free access to some of them.
  • Eesti rahvusbibliograafia andmebaas ERB - The Estonian National Bibliography Database indexes materials published in Estonia, as well as materials written by Estonian authors or about Estonia and published abroad. The database currently covers books, newspapers, journals, sheet music, maps, sound recordings, and video recordings.
  • Eesti Teadusinfosüsteem - Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) is a national information system where information on research and development institutions, researchers, research projects and research output in Estonia can be accessed.
  • Ester online catalogue - Shared catalogue of largest libraries in Estonia.
  • Estonian National Museum - Virtual tour of the museum.
  • Virtuaalne uurimissaal - Virtual Reading Room of the National Archives is a one stop shop to over 20 databases. The reading room provides access to digitised collections and databases of the National Archives including:  library catalogues, land registry files, maps, films, photographs, digitised archives etc.                                                                


Statistical databases 

  • Statistics Estonia - The database provides information on the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation and trends in Estonia.