UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Ramona Gonczol and Dr Yordanka Velkova design Bulgarian and Romanian language examinations

10 May 2022

Ramona Gonczol

SSEES Associate Professor In Romanian language, Ramona Gonczol (above) and Bulgarian Language lecturer Dr Yordanka Velkova (below) have designed an entry level test for Connah’s Quay High School, Wales, for their significant cohort of Romanian and Bulgarian heritage speaker students, around 150.  With written and oral components, the test is comparable with GCSE examination.

Yordanka Velkova

Ms Elizabeth Threadgold, who is the Head of the EAL provision, a very dedicated and proactive teacher, inquired whether we could 'design a test and issue a certificate to show that these pupils have a level of proficiency in their home language. I believe that this would help them secure college places and employment once they leave our school'.

This is a new beginning in widening participation of East European Languages and secondary schools. The two authors plan to add more languages and roll out the project to more schools across the UK and start a sustained collaboration between SSEES-UCL and the wider language community of schools in the UK. 

They are thinking of offering a few outreach modules that can be aimed at secondary schools to encourage their interest in their own languages and other, and advertise SSEES degrees. A cross departmental collaboration in SSEES is welcomed. Please contact Ramona or Yordanka.