UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)



Primary resources 

  • Archiwum Sejmu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej - A digital archive of the Polish Parliament. 
  • Crispa - Digitised collections of the University of Warsaw Library. 
  • FINA Repozytorium Cyfrowe Filmoteki Narodowej - The National Film Archive Digital Repository that provides access to digitised collections of the National Film Archive. 
  • ISAP - The Internet System of Legal Acts that provides access to laws passed by the Polish Parliament from 1918 to 2020. 
  • Lodz Film School - An archive of student etudes created between 1949-1985. 
  • Muzeum Narodowe/Cyfrowe - Provides access to digitised collections of the National Museum. 
  • Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe - National Digital Archive stores, records and shares photographic and audio-visual documentation of digitised analogue archival materials. 
  • The Poles Abroad Digital Library - Digital collections of organisations that associate the Polish diaspora in the world. 
  • Polish Film Chronicle - An archival newsreel documenting socio-political and historical changes in Poland after WWII until the mid-1990s. The selection is available free of charge on YouTube (please turn off AdBlock). 
  • Polona - Resources of the National Library and other institutions in digital format. 
  • Tasmy Bezpieki - Audio-video recordings of the Polish Secret Service. 


Secondary resources

  • Aggregator CeON - The Aggregator of the Center for Open Science is a single access point to Polish open access repositories. It provides greater visibility of Polish research output. 
  • Arianta - A scientific database of 4500 Polish e-journals covering all areas of science. 
  • Polska Bibliografia Literacka - Polish Literary Bibliography provides information about writers of Polish and foreign literature, literary theory, literary themes and motives, teaching literature, theater, film, literary and theater life, Polish actors and directors, information about books, articles, reviews, interviews, performances and broadcasts.
  • Biblioteka Cyfrowa IPN (Institute of National Remembrance Digital library) - A collection of publications covering the period of history from 1917 to 1990. 
  • Federacja Bibliotek Cyfrowych - Digital Libraries Federation is an online collection of Polish cultural and scientific institutions. 
  • Nauka Polska - A database of Polish scientific and research publications including doctoral dissertations and thesis.
  • Pomeranian Digital Library - Digital Library of academic and cultural institutions in the Pomerania region.  


Statistical databases 

  • Migracje.gov.pl - Maps and statistics of migrants in Poland.
  • arodowy Bank Polski - The website provides access to the bank’s monetary and financial statistics as well as to the bank’s publications and research. 
  • Statistics Poland - Databases and statistical data on Poland. 


Audio-visual resources

  • Digital Documentary (Dokument Cyfrowo) - Polish documentaries, digitally remastered. 
  • Filmoteka Muzeum - Works from Polish visual artists of the 20th and the early 21st century from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.  
  • Kultura Dostepna - An online repository of virtual tours around Polish museums and heritage sites.
  • MOCAK - Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow virtual tours. 
  • Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina - Provides access to recordings of Chopin’s festivals and concerts. 
  • Ninateka - An online streaming platform of the Polish National Audiovisual Institute (feature films, theatre plays, music, art, historical and political documentaries, special collections).
  • Studio Filmowe TOR - An official YouTube channel of a major Polish film production and distribution company. Full-length feature films are available for online streaming in HD. 
  • TV Polonia - Live stream of news, documentaries and the most popular TV series. 
  • U-jazdowski Kino Online - An online cinema operating as a substitute during the COVID-19 lockdown: art films, experimental cinema, interactive internet art, new titles added daily under “Program” tab “Repertoire” (temporary access).
  • Zostan w domu z Ninoteka - “Stay home with Ninoteka”: online daily screenings (7PM GMT) from the Polish National Audiovisual Institute (temporary access).