UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Languages and Culture Handbook

Handbook for all SSEES BA programmes in Languages and Culture (Russian Studies, Russian and History, single and combined Honours language based degrees).

Languages and Culture Degrees

SSEES's flagship specialist language and culture degrees offer the opportunity to combine the study of one or more languages with other disciplines. On our single-honours and joint-honours programmes you can study your chosen language from scratch or starting from A-level standard or equivalent.

Associated cultural studies within the programme includes literature, linguistics, philosophy, art, film, history and politics. The multidisciplinary framework of the programmes, and the number of optional modules on offer, allow both a broad range of study and specialisation in one or more of these discipline areas.

Taking a degree under these programmes will give you valuable skills for employment at a time when language skills are strongly sought after by employers. These include skills in speaking, writing and understanding in a foreign language, intercultural understanding, translation, communication and summary-writing skills, and critical and analytical rigour. Depending on your degree combination, as a graduate with advanced intellectual training you will be capable of acting as a bridge of understanding and a conduit of knowledge between different cultures.

The Year Abroad, incorporated into all degrees, allows you to find your independence whilst immersing yourself in other cultures at our prestigious overseas partner institutions.

The basic principle of the BA degrees in Languages and Culture is progression from one year to the next along defined disciplinary pathways. Knowledge and skills learned in one year provide building blocks for more advanced study in each subsequent year.

All degrees are covered by the following academic regulations:

  • You must register for exactly 120 credits per year of study;
  • You must have taken and passed 90 credits of Level 6 modules by the end of the final year;
  • You are not permitted to take more than 150 credits of Level 4 modules over the course of your programme;
  • The Year Abroad must be passed

Programme Syllabuses
(for students who entered in September 2019 or later)

Older Programme Syllabuses
(for students who entered in September 2018 or before)

A guide for calculating your award
(for students who entered from September 2016 to September 2018)

Languages & Culture: Degree classification calculation