UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Alma Lutaj


Alma Lutaj

Supervisors: Prof Slavo Radosevic, Dr. Randolph Luca Bruno and Dr. Chiara Amini  

Email:  alma.lutaj.22@ucl.ac.uk

Present status: MPhil Candidate 

Working title of thesis: The power of diaspora in business, entrepreneurship and innovation in developing countries.

Research: My research aims to explore the influence of diaspora in entrepreneurship, investment, knowledge transfer, and innovation in the homeland using a case study of developing countries in the Western Balkan.

International migration remains a quickly growing megatrend that will have a massive impact on society, including trade, business, and entrepreneurship in the countries of origin. By conducting an empirical comparison analysis, this study seeks to generate new knowledge of the phenomenon of the diaspora in domestic countries. The mixed method (qualitative and quantitative), described as ‘multiple ways of hearing and seeing,’ will be a roadmap trying to answer the questions.

Research interests: Diaspora, entrepreneurship, business ventures, innovation, knowledge transfer.

Research Centre Affiliation: UCL Centre for Comparative Studies of Emerging Economies, Alexander Nash Albanian Studies Programme.