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Right to Work checks for UG External Examiners

22 January 2024

Important Note: 31 January 2024: Deadline to submit RtW checks for EE starting 2023/24 AY

Verified Right to Work checks for Undergraduate External Examiners – DL 31 January 2024

Board Teams are requested to submit verified RtW for new appointments (2023/24 AY) by no later than 31 January 2024. Please submit relevant documents on the MS Form EE RtW Verification Form.

An in-person or a Home Office online Right to Work check must be conducted for all new Undergraduate External Examiners in the first year of their appointment.

RTW should be provided before external examiner engages with any work at UCL. Members of Board Teams should not engage nominated External Examiners in any work until Registry approval is granted. Board Teams who wish to send papers for EE scrutiny in Term 1 should have submitted verified RtW by 31 October 2023.

Please read the HR guidance for acceptable Right to Work documentation and undertaking Right to Work verification checks. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/human-resources/working-ucl/hr-services/immigration/guide-right-work-checks

Education Services will cover External Examiners’ expenses for one in-person visit to check Right to Work which should take place early in the Academic Year (as is feasible).

You are advised to combine the External Examiner’s in-person Right to Work check visit with, for example, a departmental induction event/meeting with students and the wider team. Please refer to our Fees and Expenses FAQs on what expenses are paid centrally.

If you have any queries about Right to Work documentation or the verification process, please ask your Department’s HR Contact for guidance.


External Examiners starting in 2023-24 AY

Board Teams should urgently complete and submit the UCL External Examiner Details Nomination Form especially for active Boards without an External Examiner.

Please refer to the relevant section in Chapter 9 (4.4.1) of the Academic Manual for further details.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk