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Main Central Examination Timetable 2024

15 January 2024

Draft Timetable review period 12-15 February

The draft of the Central Examination Timetable  for April-May will be circulated to departments, via the ELOs/Teaching Administrators, on 13 February.  ELOs will have until 17 February to review the draft timetable and respond to the Central Assessment Team with any issues.  

Departments will be asked to check the following:  

  • Examination durations 
  • That any examinations which should be scheduled together are at the same date and time 
  • That the exams are correctly showing as in person or online.  Please pay particular attention to resit examinations in this regard; especially if the delivery method should be different than that for the current cohort
  • For on-line examinations, that the correct on-line platform is showing where you have opted out of using WISEflow (AssessmentUCL) 
  • That any timetabling requests have been taken into account 
  • That no exams have been omitted; and none have been included which should not have been 

Amendments can only be made to the timetable, where an error has been made.  

Lists of the resit candidates included in the timetable will be issued with the draft timetable to enable departments to see which students have been included.  Departments must check this information carefully and advise the Central Assessment Team of any issues.  Please note that the timetable is based on the students’ module registrations and resit records in Portico; so any issues will require the Portico data to be corrected.  

Please note that for any examinations being delivered via WISEflow (AssessmentUCL), the accuracy of module registrations and resit lists will be of vital importance. Students will not be able to access their on-line assessments if their Portico module records are incorrect.

Key Dates  

Deadline for departments to approve all new module selections and amendments 

23 January 

Draft timetable published to departments 

12 February  

Deadline for draft review period 

15 February  

Final Timetable published to Students 

26 February   

Deadline for the receipt of examination Papers 

8 March  


Contact details for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk