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Confirm staff on Board Data Hub task occupy only one role

22 January 2024

Process Change: Contact your Faculty Colleagues to update Board Chair, Deputy Chair roles on Portico.

*Updated process to change any Board members for 23-24AY*

Chair and Deputy Chair changes:

There has been a change to the process of nominating and appointing new Chairs and Deputy Chairs which has devolved to Faculty Boards of Examiners. Please see Chapter 4, Section 11.6 ‘Chairs and Deputy Chairs’ of the Academic Manual. You no longer need to request these changes to the External Examining Team and instead should contact your Faculty Office.

Admin changes for Board Admin 1 and 2:

DMs, ELOs and current Board Administrators can access the ‘Appoint administrator to board’ task through the Board of Examiners container on Portico within the Awards, Assessments and Achievements tab. Faculty colleagues who have access to the External Examining Portico tasks will also be able to use this function as required to make necessary changes.

To access the actual Board of Examiners container where these tasks are based, please request this via ISD quoting your name and UPI – itservices@ucl.ac.uk / servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk

Please check the allocation of roles per Board of Examiners on Portico and ensure that the right people are listed, and that one person is not listed under multiple roles. Please note that every Board requires all four positions to be filled (Chair, Deputy Chair, Admin 1, Admin 2).

A person must not be assigned to multiple roles as it disrupts the SITS database. So, for example, the same person cannot hold the positions of a Deputy Chair and Board Admin 2.

To check your Board roles, in Portico go to the Board of Examiners Data Hub task (within Awards, Assessments and Achievements tab). Click into the relevant Board, and check on the people assigned to the roles of Chair, Deputy Chair, Admin 1, Admin 2. If anyone is listed under multiple roles please rectify this by removing them from the incorrect role and (where applicable) adding in the correct person. Details of how to do this are provided below.

This role restriction relates to the Board Data Hub task and not exam board tasks relating to Awards and Progression which fall within Student Records Team’s remit.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk