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Amending module component deadlines in Portico

23 January 2024

From 26 January – 9 February, Department and Faculty staff will be able to amend module component deadlines in Portico

From Thursday 26 January to Friday 9 February, Department and Faculty staff will be able to amend assessment dates in Portico for the 2023/24 academic year. Assessment deadlines for Term 2 and Term 3 modules can be amended (previous Term 1 deadlines cannot be changed). 

Update: Some departments have reported issues with editing dates where there are two deliveries of a module in different terms. We are looking into this and should have a fix soon. In the meantime, if you experience this issue, please add your changes to our logs and we will make these for you. This issue should only affect a minority of changes. 

Previously these dates were submitted via spreadsheet to the Lifecycle team, so this is a positive improvement which enables departments to manage the deadlines themselves. This also feeds into the Extenuating Circumstances task, populating the assessment date for students on their EC application which should reduce date entry errors (note that students can still amend these assessment dates, e.g. to reflect a SORA extension). 

Viewing the Detailed Assessment Data Report

To see all dates held within the task, you can run the Detailed Assessment Data Report (found in Curriculum Management > Curriculum Data Reports container).  Ensure you change the Academic Year to 2023. Column AK of the report shows the dates held within the task. 

Editing module component deadlines

  1. In Portico, click on the Curricular Management link. 
  1. Select Modules and Assessments in the Curriculum Data Maintenance container. 

  1. Select your module criteria as required.

  1. Select Edit for the relevant module.  

  1. Navigate to the Module deliveries section (below Module details) and click on the 2023 tab. 
  2. Select Edit Deadline Dates (note – this will only be an option for modules in terms 2 and 3).

  1. All assessments for the module will be listed on the Module delivery (2023) tab, click Edit against the relevant assessment component.

  1. Amend the deadline date as required and then click Submit.  

  1. You will now return to the Modules and Assessments – Edit Deadline Dates screen where you can edit other assessment component deadlines as necessary. Once complete, click Finish.


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