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Marking and Assessment Boycott

10 October 2023

The national Marking and Assessment Boycott (MAB), as part of action short of strike (ASoS), has now ended at UCL

The national Marking and Assessment Boycott (MAB), as part of action short of strike (ASoS), has now ended at UCL.  

UCL has instructed colleagues that any marks withheld because of the MAB, should be returned by no later than Friday 13 October.

When marks are returned, please add the module details to the Faculty Query Logs – Student Records must make updates to the student record prior to re-opening mark entry.

Undergraduate Students

Student Records are aiming to release results within 5 working days of Faculty approval of the new marks.

If the available marks affect the classification of an undergraduate finalist, please note the following:

Awards will only be revoked and re-issued if the new marks lead to a higher classification. The students will receive a new copy of their degree certificate and transcript.

If the classification remains the same or is lower, the original award will stand and the student will receive an updated copy of their transcript.

If a continuing student has already been provisionally progressed to the next year of study and receives a fail grade that cannot be condoned, they will need to complete the resit at the next available opportunity.

All students will receive a results email with the new marks.

Postgraduate Students

Results that were MX earlier in the year that are now available for PGT students should be ratified at the main PGT Boards. These will be released on PGT results day, 27 November.   

If you anticipate any delays to the receiving of marks that were previously MX, please notify your Student Records Manager as soon as possible with an estimate of the adjusted timeframe:

Kylie McCarroll: SLASH

Kathryn Ball: BEAMS

Sharon Young: IOE/PHS

Charlotte Robinson: BRN, MDS, LIF

If there are any MX grades still on the record when you calculate progression prior to the main boards, your students will not receive the correct progression & award outcome.

For further information please log a query via your Faculty Query Management Log or email examboards@ucl.ac.uk (staff only).