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Now live! New workflow for Programme Transfer requests

14 November 2023

Our new workflow on Portico should now be used instead of C2RS for all new Programme Transfer requests.

Our new Programme Transfer workflow on Portico is now live and should now be used for all new Programme Transfer requests.

Please note that any in-progress Programme Transfer requests on C2RS should continue to be processed on C2RS until completion. We will work with Faculties and Departments to agree the approach for outstanding requests on a case-by-case basis e.g., for students awaiting visa information before requests can be processed. C2RS will also continue to be used for withdrawals until further notice.

Getting started

If you have been set up on the system, you will be able to access the new Programme Transfer homepage by clicking the Programme Transfer tab on your Portico homepage (note that you may need to click the + button to the right of tabs to see the Programme Transfer option as illustrated below). Please contact your Programme Transfer Champion if you require access but have not yet been added.

Programme Transfer

Guidance and FAQs for staff on processing Programme Transfer requests (including the recording of our recent system demo) are available on the staff Programme Transfer webpages.

Guidance and FAQs for students are provided on the student Change your Programme or Route webpages.

Programme Transfer Faculty Champions

Each Faculty has a nominated Programme Transfer Champion (listed below) who has worked with us to set up Faculty and Department users and who is a key point of contact for any queries or feedback.




Steve Ridge

Arts / SHS

Alice Clark

Pop Health / Brain

Stephanie Howes


Ros Fanning


Rebecca Spencer


Gillian Hogg / Jane Inge


Cara Hackleton / Kristina Narvet / Elke Theissl

Med Sciences

Sue Beesley


Sonia Hirji / Rouba Farah

Related updates to the Academic Manual

The following updates have been made the Programme Transfers section of the Academic Manual in line with introduction of the new workflow:

  • Section 5.5.2 (transfers between departments) reflects that additional information may be requested from the current department / division. However, this is not mandatory and can be requested at the receiving department's discretion. If written supporting information is required (e.g. attendance records, grades etc), the student can upload this information to their request.
  • Section 5.7 (service standards) provides a service standard of 10-working days for Programme Transfer requests to be considered by the relevant Faculty / Department, and a decision made and communicated to the student. Where there is unavoidable delay in making a decision, the relevant Department or Faculty approver must inform the student of the reason for the delay and indicate a new deadline within the 10 days. This will enhance student experience by setting expectations and providing clarity. 5.7.1.c reflects that requests with Visa / ATAS requirements may not be concluded within the normal service standard.

Contact details for further information: currentstudent@ucl.ac.uk