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Central Examination Timetable Data

14 November 2023

1 December 2023 Deadline for responses

This year the collection of information used for the scheduling of the central examination timetable will be undertaken via email rather than via Portico.  Email requests were sent out to ELOs at the beginning of November. 

This task is NOT an opportunity to change assessment methods (e.g. Exam to Coursework).

The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the details held on Portico for each examination to be centrally run and/or timetabled are accurate and to submit any timetabling requests. This information is then used to produce the central examination timetable. Please note that failure to carry out this task thoroughly may result in an incorrect timetable being published to students.

Assessment Operating Model 2022/2  

You are strongly advised to familiarise yourselves with the assessment regulations which can found here.

The following exam delivery methods are available this year:

  1. In-person pen and paper examinations (centrally organised exams will take place at the ExCel Centre)
  2. Remote online examinations (centrally organised exams will be delivered via AssessmentUCL-WISEflow)
  3. In-person online exams (can only be departmentally organised, but can be included in the central timetable for the avoidance of clashes)

Take-Home Papers of 24-hours or more will no longer be included in the central timetable, and departments will be expected to organise and schedule these themselves.


If an examination has moved to/from in-person/online since last year, you may switch the resit candidates to the new delivery method.  This does not constitute a change of assessment method.

Use of Other Digital Platforms for Centrally Timetabled Examinations 

Where you would prefer to deliver a centrally timetabled online examination yourselves using a platform other than AssessmentUCL (e.g. Moodle); there will be a space for you to indicate this. 

Key Dates and Deadlines

Deadline for completion of the Timetable Data Exercise

 1 December 2023

Deadline for staff approval of students’ module selections (January Starters)

23 January 2024

Draft timetable review period

12-15 February 2024

Contact details for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk