Student and Registry Services


UG Finalists results and certificates

30 May 2023

Find out about the process for issuing UG Finalist results and certificates for Summer 2023

Results will be released as previously published on Thursday 6th July.

Students will be provided with their module level results and their award and classification if this is agreed by the Exam board. If this is not agreed, we will provide students with any module results that are on Portico. Once we are aware of any missing marks, we will communicate directly with those students and provide a revised date for the next release of marks.

Students who are progressing and have missing marks, will also be sent tailored communications relating to their situation and depending on what is agreed by the Exam Board.

We will provide copies of this wording to departments in advance of Results Day. We will confirm the timeline for certificate production once we have an idea of the scale of the missing marks and the number of awards that may need to be revoked. We will aim to provide as many students as possible with their certificates in the normal timeframe of early October. We are also working to enhance our e-transcript service with a self-service element for students to cope with the demand for up-to-date information.

Contact details for further information: kirsten.hamilton@ucl.ac.uk