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BoE Data Hub has been rolled over for the 22-23 session: External Examining tasks for Board Teams

19 May 2023

Due 31st May: Board teams complete pre-Board tasks (check status of External Examiners and assign modules for the 2022-23 session).

Information updated on 19th May 2023

To prepare for the 2022-23 External Examining session, Board teams are requested to complete these tasks by 31st May.  


  1. Check appointment status of your EEs – External Examiners’ who are active for the 2022-23 Academic Year and are expected to participate in the BoE meeting should now be showing as ‘Current Appointed’.

NB: Let us know as soon as possible if your Board is not running this year or there are any changes to the External Examiner's term.

  1. Check that modules are attached to the right Boards and assign them to your EEs (this is vital to calculate the fee payments for External Examiners)

Please ensure the correct module is assigned to the External Examiner, paying close attention to the Period and Occurrence columns.

Contact the Student Lifecycle team: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk if your module is not appearing on the Board, providing the correct Board of Examiners code.

Note: Modules can be reviewed by multiple External Examiners as long as the modules and External Examiners are on the same Board. A single module delivery can only be allocated to one Board. If you have a module which needs to be reviewed by multiple Boards, please contact us before the Board meeting.

  1. Populate Board Meeting Dates – now through Portico (annual report links to External Examiners are triggered by the BoE Meeting date, so it’s important that we have accurate information well in advance of the Board meeting)

Student Records shared a spreadsheet on your Faculty Teams sites to capture all Board dates with a completion deadline of 28th April. If you were unable to meet this deadline, please now enter any BoE dates on Portico, and also email your SR contact with the details. For more guidance on how to enter BoE dates on Portico, please refer to Planning Toolkit for Board Teams.

  1. Check staff assigned to your Board of Examiners

Please ensure you have the correct staff appointed as Chair and Deputy Chair on Board of Examiners container on Portico. If there are any changes to Board Administrators prior to the board, make sure to update this on Portico to avoid any delays in BoE arrangements. Please note that every Board requires all four positions to be filled (Chair, Deputy Chair, Admin 1, Admin 2). For more guidance on how to complete this step, please refer to Planning Toolkit for Board Teams.

Please refer to the External Examining webpage for further guidance (screen shots included) on completing each pre-Board task: Planning Toolkit for Board Teams


Contact details for further information:


lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk – modules not appearing on correct Boards