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Assessment Change timeline

26 May 2023

How and when to make changes to assessments prior to the summer Module Catalogue refresh

The Assessment Change spreadsheets for the 2023-24 academic year will be available from Friday 2nd June until Wednesday 12th July for Departmental changes and 14th July for Faculty approvals.

These spreadsheets can be accessed via your Programme and Module Hub Faculty Teams channels and should be used to record changes to existing assessment components as well as to add/remove assessment components for the 2023-24 academic year.

Changes can be made to the assessment type, component description, exam length and weighting. When assigning assessment types, please refer to the Assessment Operating Model to ensure that you assign the correct assessment type: the assessment type determines the regulations that are applied to that assessment including the reasonable adjustments that a student can request, the type of EC mitigations available to the student when submitting an EC claim, as well as assessment durations, late submission conditions / penalties and upload windows. Incorrectly assigned assessment types can cause issues for students at an already stressful time and require significant staff time to re-assign at a later date.

Changes to assessments submitted and approved by the above deadlines will be reflected in the summer refresh of the Module Catalogue and available to new students making module selections.

Contact details for further information: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk