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Online Controlled Condition Exams

24 March 2023

Late submissions and technical failures

The Regulations for remote online controlled condition examinations were changed for the 2022/23 academic session. Students will now have the ability to submit their work up to 40 minutes after the end of the upload window. Mark penalties should normally be applied to any late submissions, as follows:

  • Up to 5 minutes late: A deduction of 5 percentage points (but no lower than the pass mark).
  • Up to 10 minutes late: A deduction of 10 percentage points (but no lower than the pass mark).
  • More than 10 minutes late but within the 40-minute late submission window: Work will be marked and capped at the pass mark.
  • More than 40 minutes late: Your work will not be accepted and will not be marked. A mark of 0 will be given.

Students who encounter difficulties during their examinations can submit an Assessment Query Form (AQF).  The Central Assessment Team assess the evidence provided by the student against an agreed list of criteria to determine whether a technical failure has occurred.  The following outcomes are possible:

Technical failure approved when work has been submitted lateLate submission penalty waived
Technical failure approved when no work submittedDeferral to next normal occasion
Technical failure NOT approved when work has been submitted lateMark penalty to be applied
Technical failure NOT approved when no work submittedMark of 0 F to be applied (possible resit in next normal occasion)

The examples below show the application of penalties to an Undergraduate programme using a 40% pass mark. Taught Postgraduate programmes have a pass mark of 50% and penalties will be applied as appropriate.

 Original MarkUp to & including 5:00 mins lateBetween 5:01 and 10:00 mins lateBetween 10:01 and 40 mins late40:01 or more mins late
No Technical Failure approval757065PASSNo work marked. 0% given
No Technical Failure approval4944PASSPASSNo work marked, 0% given
Technical Failure approved75757575Deferral to next normal occasion

The Central Assessment Team will copy both Teaching and Parent Departments into all Technical Failure decisions, and additional maintain a list for reference purposes.

For further details please refer to Sections 6 & 10 of the Student Regulations for Exams and Assessments.

Administrative staff with manager access in AssessmentUCL will be able to download a report showing the details of any late submissions.  Full instructions on how to do this can be found at Manager - AssessmentUCL Resource Centre - UCL Wiki along with a video guide at Video guides - AssessmentUCL Resource Centre - UCL Wiki.

All submitted work should be marked as normal and any necessary penalties applied by administrative staff and not by the examiners.

For any queries, please contact: examination@ucl.ac.uk and examboards@ucl.ac.uk