Student and Registry Services


Self-Serve E-Transcripts for Finalists

26 June 2023

From 11 July, finalists will be able to download their results e-transcripts directly from Portico

From 11 July, final year students will be able to download an e-transcript of their confirmed results/award directly from their Portico account. Finalists will be notified by e-mail when their e-transcript is available to download. 

Final year students who do not have an award on results day due to the Marking and Assessment Boycott will still be able to download an e-transcript containing their available marks as approved by the Exam Board. As soon as missing marks become available and awards are confirmed, students will be notified by email that an updated e-transcript is available to download. 

The self-serve e-transcript will be available for students to download for 3 months after award. After this point, students can order e-transcripts from the e-transcripts online store. Students will still need to request e-transcripts that need to be sent directly to a third party from the e-transcripts online store

We plan to extend self-serve e-transcripts to current students later in the year.  In the meantime, from 10 July, continuing students will be able to order a copy of their interim e-transcript via the e-transcripts online store

The ability to self-serve will remove the transcript processing waiting time for students and significantly reduce the processing workload for the Student Records team.  

Contact email for further information: kirsten.hamilton@ucl.ac.uk