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External Examining Portico view is still 2021/22 AY

16 January 2023

The current view on Portico for External Examining activity reflects data relating to 2021/22. Please do not enter any data for 2022/23 AY

The External Examining activity is still in the 2021/22 AY stage as we are trying to close off the tasks for 21/22 which primarily include Departmental Responses to External Examiners annual reports.  

Once all tasks are completed, around April we will aim to roll over the Data Hub to reveal the 2022/23 AY. Only after the roll over can Colleagues complete the pre-Board tasks, assign modules to External Examiners etc. Please do not attempt to do this before April! 

An example of this is where External Examiners appointed to start their term in 2022/23 appear as ‘Future’ and those who have already finished in 2021/22 still appear as ‘Current’. This will change once the data has rolled over and EEs will appear as Current and Historic accordingly.    

We will notify Board Admin and Board Chairs via email and in the Academic Services newsletter once 2022/23 AY is ready to be populated. 

Please cascade this information to relevant colleagues in your Faculty and Department. 

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk