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How are Managers, Markers and Reviewers assigned in AssessmentUCL?

23 February 2023

How/Where to update staff roles

Staff are automatically assigned to roles/assessment instances in AssessmentUCL based on the data held in Portico.  

ELOs and Teaching Administrators should have access to amend the records for other departmental users on their assessment instances (flows) where necessary but in some cases it may be appropriate to make the amendments to the source data in Portico.  

The details of the source data are as follows:

AssessmentUCL Role  

Portico Source  

Action if incorrect  



Check student’s module registration. If correct then there may be another error on the record – refer to CAT (examinations@ucl.ac.uk) to investigate.  

Under no circumstances should students be manually added to flows.  


ELO/Teaching Administrators attached to Exam Boards.  

The preferred method is to perform the update via the Manage Exam Board Administrators – Progression and Award task in Portico. (Do NOT use the “Appoint an Admin for your Board(s) of Examiners” task) 

Manual additions of Managers to flows in AssessmentUCL will not always work as the user also needs to be given the necessary permissions.  


  • Module Lead  

  • ELO (derived from Exam Board information in Portico)  

  • Snapshot of tutors pulled from CMIS  

Module Lead collected as part of annual CDM task.  To update contact lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk 

Can also be amended in AssessmentUCL by Managers.  

N.B. updates to CMIS data will not follow through into AssessmentUCL. 


Portico Marker records (plus a snapshot of teachers pulled from CMIS)  

The recommended method is to add assessors directly in AssessmentUCL.  

You may find that attempting to add research students as assessors will fail, due to their permissions.  Please contact examinations@ucl.ac.uk for assistance in such cases. 


Module Lead (see Author above)  


External Examiner/Exam Board Chair  

Contact examiners@ucl.ac.uk to update Exam Board Chairs in Portico  


External Examiner information may be based on last year’s records.  These can be manually added to flows in AssessmentUCL, provided they have UCL sign-in credentials.  In such cases you would have to also manually give them reviewer permissions. 

If you have the Manager role then it will be possible for you to manually add staff to assessment instances (flows) in AssessmentUCL, and this would be the preferred approach when adding assessors to flows.  The benefit of updating the source records in Portico for Exam Board Administrators and Chairs is that the staff will then be added to all of the flows belonging to that Board of Examiners; meaning that you would not have to manually update these users in multiple flows. 

Any updates in Portico will refresh in AssessmentUCL overnight.  

Please note the following:  

  • Academic staff should NOT normally be added to any flow as a Manager.  This is because it breaks student anonymity. 
  • Students must NEVER be manually added to flows; if you believe a student is missing from a flow then it is essential that the problem with the source data in Portico is identified and corrected.  The Central Assessment Team (CAT) can assist you with this.  

Contact details for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk