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Examination Adjustment Arrangements for 2023

23 February 2023

Deadline for students to submit requests for Exam Adjustments

Arrangements for Centrally Managed Examinations 2023 

Deadline for Applications  

The deadline for the receipt of applications from students applying for examination adjustments for the Main Examination period is Monday 3rd April.  

Any students who miss the deadline should be advised to apply for a deferral to the next examination period (i.e. the Late Summer Assessment period) under the extenuating circumstances regulations.  

The application deadline for the LSA period will be Monday 31st July

Online Exams 

The additional time allowance for online exams on AssessmentUCL will be calculated in minutes per hour, including any additional collation time.  The standard 20 minute upload window will then be added to that calculated time. 

How will time allowances display to students?  

Students will see the additional time added on their exam timetable (without the 20 minute upload window). 

On AssessmentUCL the durations displayed will be the full amount of time allotted to the student, inclusive of the upload window.  

Examination Venues 

For in person examinations, students with exam adjustments will normally sit in an alternative exam venue on the Bloomsbury Campus.  Details of their assigned venues will be indicated on students’ individual timetables. 

For further information on Examination Adjustments and how to apply, please refer to the Student Website.   

Contact details for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk