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2022/23 Summer Board External Examiners Reports without a Departmental Response

8 December 2023

Departments to now provide an offline response directly to External Examiners where a standard response was not entered on Portico.

The 2022/23 Summer Board External Examiners (EE) reports without a standard Departmental response have been closed and a list of these reports were submitted to the last Quality and Standards Committee meeting.

The affected Departments / Board teams are now required to send a formal response directly to EE and provide the response and EE report through Moodle / appropriate channels for students to access. A response is still required even if the report is entirely positive (i.e. to thank the External Examiner for their report). Please consult / notify your Faculty Tutors once completed.    

For further guidance around responding to External Examiner reports and accessing historic reports please refer to the ‘External Examiner Reports and Responses FAQs.

Please do respond to the EE as soon as possible for reports relating to Boards held in Summer 2023.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk