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Summer Exam Board Period – Progression & Award Support and upcoming training sessions

24 April 2023

To help you prepare for the upcoming Exam Boards here is information on the support available online and information on upcoming training sessions.

Exam Board Support Webpages

There are a variety of resources available to colleagues undertaking the Portico Progression & Award tasks in advance of their exam board meeting, as well as guidance on how to run the board meetings and the regulations that underpin them. Please visit our Exam Board Support webpages where you will find comprehensive information on all of the Exam Board processes, in particular:

Progression, Award and Classification Regulations

Here you will find key links to the main regulations that form the basis of the exam board processes and determine the outcomes of the progression and award calculations and classifications. You will also find information on condonement and the consequences of failure.

Mark Entry Guidance

Accurate and complete mark entry is essential in ensuring the correct progression and award outcomes are calculated for your students. Please review the guidance and training materials before completing mark entry for your modules.  

Training materials

This section covers basic training on running the Portico Progression & Award tasks and is currently under review. Please check back in Early May for updated information on this year’s processes.

Preparing for Exam Boards – Data Checks

One of the biggest issues with processing progression and awards results is missing or incorrect data.  The module and enrolment information on a student’s record drives the progression and award process and determines a student’s outcome. If there are errors in this data or elements are missing, the calculated outcome will be incorrect. Please review the guidance on our Exam Board Support web pages, in particular the information on the checks you can undertake now, prior to your boards, to ensure the data for your students is accurate.

The Exam Board Data Checker report, in particular, should be used at the earliest opportunity to identify any issues with the following:

  • Students missing from the report
  • Incorrect number of taken credits in current year or total credits taken
  • Missing or incorrect APL credits (where applicable)
  • Modules marked as Non-Condonable or modules missing non-condonable status

These issues should be reported via your Student Records Query Log on your Faculty Teams site. 

Once mark entry is completed, the report should also be used to identify any issues with:

  • Total credits awarded
  • Progression Outcome, Qualification & Classification (once progression calculation has been run)
  • Modules with incorrect or missing marks for current year of study

Exam Board Training sessions

We will be hosting a series of training sessions for Chairs of the Boards, Faculty Approvers and Board Administrators on the Exam Board regulations, Mark Entry and the Portico Progression & Award tasks throughout May. Exact dates and timings will be confirmed asap via our Faculty teams channels.

If you would like bespoke support for a particular programme or board or have new starters undertaking these processes for the first time, please get in touch with your Student Records Manager to discuss the appropriate training:

Kylie McCarroll: SLASH (Laws, Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences)

Aneal Chaudhari: BEAMS (Bartlett (Built Environment), Engineering Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences)

Sharon Brown: SLMS/IOE (IOE, Population Health Sciences)

Charlotte Robinson: SLMS/IOE (Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences)

For further information please check with your Student Records Manager