Student and Registry Services


Central Assessment Timetable Data

21 October 2022

Requests for timetabling information to be sent to ELOs

This year the collection of information used for the scheduling of the central assessment timetable will be undertaken via email rather than via Portico.  Email requests will go out to ELOs within the first two weeks of November. 

The purpose of this task is to ensure that the assessment data we hold is correct, to identify any examinations that must be timetabled together, and to submit scheduling requests.  

Assessment Operating Model 2022/23  

A new Assessment Operating Model for 2022/23 has recently been approved by Education Committee.  If you have not already familiarised yourself with the new regulations, then please do so. 

This year, while the default position will remain to deliver centrally managed assessments on-line via AssessmentUCL, we will be returning to some face-to-face delivery in exam halls for those examinations where that method of assessment has been deemed more appropriate. 


While it is normally the case for students with trailed resits/deferrals to be assessed by the same method as was in place for the original attempt; it has been agreed that for this year, if a teaching department deems it appropriate, such candidates MAY be assessed by the 2022/23 method.  For departments where resit candidates are expected; ELOS will be invited to advise on the preferred assessment method as part of this task. 

Use of Other Digital Platforms for Centrally Timetabled Examinations 

Where you would prefer to deliver a centrally timetabled online examination yourselves using a platform other than AssessmentUCL (e.g. Moodle); there will be a space for you to indicate this. 

Central Assessment Period 

24 April – 26 May 2023.   

Module Selection Approvals Deadline Term 1 and 2 Modules  

As a reminder, the deadline for the departmental module approvals is 23 December after which we will take a download of data for the production of the assessment timetable. 

Contact details for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk