Student and Registry Services


Assessment due dates to be inputted to the EC system on Portico

21 October 2022

Making the EC process more automated and easier for students and staff to navigate

From 3 October, students and staff have been using ECsOnline, our new EC system on Portico, to submit and process EC claims. 

When submitting an EC claim, a student must an enter the assessment due date for each assessment for which they are seeking mitigation. Currently this field is blank for the student to populate. However, over the next few weeks we will be updating the system with the information that you in the departments have provided. As before, if this date has to change the EC system functionality allows this information to be amended.  

This will help to make the EC process more automated and therefore easier for students and staff to navigate. It is the first stage of building assessment due dates into a variety of SRS processes for students and staff.   

Contact details for further information: kirsten.hamilton@ucl.ac.uk