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SRS Compliance Updated OfS and Reportable Event Guidance pages

25 November 2022

The SRS compliance team have created some new guidance pages for staff on Office for Students regulations and reportable events

SRS Compliance Webpages 

On the new SRS Compliance Reportable events webpage staff can find information including: 

  • A link to the OfS guidance with examples of what kind of events need to be reported 
  • How to submit information on a possible reportable event and the link to the reportable events form 
  • What happens once the SRS Compliance team receives a reportable event form and the additional information, we may need from you  

The Office for Students Information for UCL staff webpage provides more general information on the OfS overall and UCL’s responsibilities as a registered provider. This page also provides an overview of how these responsibilities are mapped across professional service teams and committees at UCL. This includes reportable events. 

These pages are designed to help staff identify possible reportable events and submit these to the SRS compliance team using the form. If you have any questions, please contact the SRS compliance team

Reportable events cover a broad range of areas at UCL but some of the events occurring are more likely to happen at the department level. To help departments identify these kinds of event, the SRS compliance team have put together a departmental guidance page

Reportable events form 

The reportable events form can be used by any staff member at UCL to submit a possible reportable event. The form responses are received by the SRS compliance team who will respond to the key contact listed in the form. If you have questions about the form, please contact the SRS compliance team. 

As these are new guidance pages, we would appreciate any feedback to help us improve where possible and ensure the guidance is useful and appropriate.  

Contact details for further information: srs-compliance@ucl.ac.uk