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Summer Exam Board Period – Preparing your data and upcoming training sessions

20 May 2022

To help you prepare for the upcoming Exam Boards here is guidance on the data checks you can undertake now to help you prepare and information on upcoming training sessions

Preparing for Exam Boards – Data Checks 

One of the biggest issues with processing progression and awards results is missing or incorrect data.  The module and enrolment information on a student’s record drives the progression and award process and determines a student’s outcome. If there are errors in this data or elements are missing, the calculated outcome will be incorrect. Please review the guidance on our Exam Board Support web pages, in particular the information on the checks you can undertake now, prior to your boards, to ensure the data for your students is accurate. 

The following reports are available for your use: 

Data Quality ReportWhen should I use this? What is this for?
Mark Entry Progress Dashboard During Mark Entry Can be used to track progress of mark entry to identify and resolve any remaining missing marks prior to Exam Boards. 
Individual Student Overview During Exam Board Preparation

Gives a detailed summary of individual students across each academic year including enrolment status over the period of study, modules taken and module outcomes. Useful for investigating non-standard students or complex cases.

Can be used to identify individual student errors with their Programmes, Modules and Assessments.

Run for one student at a time.

Student Programme Status 

During Exam Board Preparation 

Displays Programme level information for students: enrolment status, intended award, progression and award outcomes (actual and agreed).

Useful for non-standard students such as students who have interrupted 

Missing Marks/Grades/Credits 

During Exam Board Preparation 

Identifies modules and students where any marks/grades or credits are blank or zero.

Useful to review any complicated student records prior to Exam Boards

Exam Board Data Checker 

During Exam Board Preparation 

A comprehensive report which highlights issues with a student’s marks, credits or enrolment.  The report shows comprehensive information about a student’s programme, enrolment status, credits (including condoned credits), means, and all of their modules.

Use to check all students are appearing on reports, where complicated issues might arise, where there are too many credits and to troubleshoot any issues with progression, award or classification calculations.

The Exam Board Data Checker report in particular should be used at the earliest opportunity to identify any issues with the following:

  • Students missing from the report 
  • Incorrect number of taken credits in current year or total credits taken 
  • Missing or incorrect APL credits (where applicable) 
  • Modules marked as Non-Condonable or modules missing non-condonable status 

These issues should be reported via your Student Records Query Log on your Faculty Teams site.  

Once mark entry is completed, the report should also be used to identify any issues with: 

  • Total credits awarded 
  • Progression Outcome, Qualification & Classification (once progression calculation has been run) 
  • Modules with incorrect or missing marks for current year of study 

Exam Board Training sessions 

Academic Services are hosting a series of training sessions on the Exam Board regulations and Portico Progression & Award tasks. Please save the following times and links in your calendar to access the meetings:  

Thursday 19th May 12:00 - 13:30: Training for Exam Board Chairs. This session will cover the classification regulations, an update on 'No Detriment,' exam board procedures and the Portico tasks that need to completed by the Chairs. It is aimed at Chairs and Deputy Chairs, but all are welcome to attend. Please share this link with your BoE Chairs.

If you missed the above event, a recording is now available on the Exam Board Support web pages, along with the slide presentation.

Various times: Faculty specific training sessions for Board Administrators. Please refer to your Faculty Teams channels for details and links to these meetings.

Tuesday 31st May 11:00 - 12:30 General Exam Boards training session - update and Q & A (all faculties). Following on from the faculty specific training sessions, this meeting will be an opportunity for you to raise any follow up questions about the exam board processes. We will also provide a short recap on the key processes and available guidance, for anyone unable to attend their faculty sessions, as well as covering the tools available to you for post-board reporting. 

For further information please check with your Student Records Manager