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Copy call for Undergraduate Prospectus will take place from January

17 January 2022

Copy call for Undergraduate programmes running for entry in 2023 will take place from January

The copy call for undergraduate programmes running for entry in 2023 will commence shortly. The deadline for all faculties to have signed off the copy that will be used in the online Undergraduate Prospectus is 15 February 2022. As with the Graduate Prospectus earlier this year, the online edition is being redesigned and is expected to launch in March 2022.

The Current Student Team have been preparing and testing the undergraduate Programme Summaries in Portico that will be opened for editing during this period, and which will again provide the single source of data for the new Prospectus. Details and further guidance will be announced and published online shortly.

Contact details for further information: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk