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Reminder: Departmental responses to External Examiner reports

11 February 2022

Exam Board Chairs are requested to enter a response to External Examiner reports on Portico before 23rd February

NB: Please provide a response in Portico by Wednesday, 23rd February. If you are having any difficulties providing a response, please contact your Faculty Tutor for guidance. After the 23d February you will not be able to provide a response via Portico and will need to provide this offline. Please note that QRSC requires a list of External Examiner reports where an offline response has been submitted. 

Exam Board Chairs are responsible for ensuring that a departmental response is recorded on Portico within four weeks of submission by the External Examiner. Please ensure that your response is as detailed as possible and includes a specific action, timescale for completion and staff member responsible. Furthermore, a response is still required even if the report is entirely positive (i.e. to thank the External Examiner for their report). 

For further guidance around responding to External Examiner reports, please refer to the ‘FAQs on Responding to External Examiner Reports’: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/srs/academic-policy-and-quality-assurance/external-examining/faqs-responding-external-examiner-reports  

Please note that External Examiner reports cannot be closed (i.e. finalised) until a departmental response has been entered. The External Examiner will receive a html copy of the final report once it is closed and will be able to view the response at that point.    

Open reports can be found in the Portico Intray of the Board Administrators, Board Chair and Deputy Chair.

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk