Student and Registry Services


Staff Student Consultative Committees (SSCC) Minutes Reminder

20 April 2022

Reminder: Please submit your Term 2 SSCC minutes

SSCC chairs and secretaries are reminded to submit their Term 2 minutes as soon as possible, if they have not already done so. The Students’ Union and Academic Services would be most grateful if they could be forwarded to the sscc@ucl.ac.uk  address.  

Please note that SSCC minutes should be distributed within the department to ensure student awareness of the hard work that student academic representatives and staff undertake together to enhance their academic experience. It is advisable to post the minutes on-line using either Moodle, MS Teams or the departmental web-site. Please also report them to the Departmental Teaching Committee (DTC), to ensure further consideration of relevant matters.   

The Students’ Union recently informed the Student Experience Committee (StEC) that there are still a number of SSCCs which have yet to report academic representatives and Lead Departmental Representatives for this session. If your SSCC has not yet done so, or if you have recently appointed student representatives not yet reported to the SU, could you please report them here:  


The SU can also reply to any queries about student representatives at this email address: reps@ucl.ac.uk 

SSCC Chairs and Secretaries are also welcome to join the SSCC Staff Community MS Teams page, which is there to help support committees and for the latest news on SSCCs.