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New Academic Misconduct Forms

21 September 2021

Two new forms in Chapter 6: Investigatory Viva Report, and Academic Misconduct Appeals

ARQASC has approved two new forms for inclusion in Chapter 6 of the Academic Manual in relation to Student Academic Misconduct. These forms are as follows:

Annex 6.9.2 Investigatory Viva Report Form

A new form designed as a supplement to the Academic Misconduct Report Form to help guide staff in submitting an Investigatory Viva Report 
to the Academic Misconduct Panel for consideration.

Annex 6.9.4 Academic Misconduct Appeals Form

A new form designed to assist students in submitting all of the required information for an Academic Misconduct appeal to the Casework Team.

Re-numbering of existing Forms

To accomodate the new forms there has also been some minor re-adjustment of the existing form numbering so they are in a logical order. It should be noted that no changes have been made to these forms:

Managing the impact of the industrial action on assessment: now Annex 6.6.2, but was Annex 6.3.

Academic Misconduct Report Form: now Annex 6.9.1, but was Annex 6.1.

Guidance on group panels in cases of student collusion: now Annex 6.9.3, but was Annex 6.3

Contact email for further information: academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk