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Launch of new online process for MPhil-PhD upgrade notification

20 September 2021

Easy to use Portico workflow for research staff

A new online task is now available in Portico for research staff to use for submitting MPhil-PhD upgrade outcomes with completed panel reports to the Research Degrees Team.

The new workflow has been developed in consultation with representatives from the research administration community to provide Departmental Graduate Tutors and PGR Administrators with a simple and secure method for notifying upgrade outcomes. There are no changes to the upgrade procedure itself.

Other benefits of this new online process include:

  • More timely and accurate data, as the outcome will be automatically updated on the student's record followed by a confirmation email to the student and their supervisor
  • Greater transparency via a single source of truth, as each panel report will be stored on Portico and will now be available for the student to view and download
  • Easier progress tracking, as the task provides staff with a clear view of the upgrade status of their MPhil students

The new task is available in the 'Research Student Management' container in Portico and a user guide can be accessed from the task.

Contact details for further information: Research Degrees