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Autumn Boards of Examiners

10 September 2021

All PGT Boards remain virtual and PGT EE in their final year do not require an extension to attend Boards

All Boards reviewing assessments relating to 2020/21 AY remain virtual, this applies to all PGT Boards taking place this Autumn 2021.  

***For PGT External Examiners (EE) in their final year*** 

PGT EEs complete their duties after the Final Board has met and therefore are still active for the current 2020/21 External Examining session for BoE meetings that occur during the coming Autumn term (2021). There is no need to request an extension for those External Examiners to complete the forthcoming PGT BoE meeting, even if this meeting takes place after 31st August 2021. 

On Portico we are required to set up EE to start on 1st September YYYY for a four year period to finish by 31st August YYYY, however the PGT EEs are still valid for the Autumn term Boards. The Data Hub reflects the External Examining AY and not necessarily the current AY which may cause some confusion over the start and end dates of an EE.  

External Examining Team  

For further information please contact examiners@ucl.ac.uk