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Examination Timetable Data Task

11 November 2021

Updated Information: Timetable Data Task Now Open

The task for checking the data that will feed into the production of the Central Assessment Timetable for 2022 is now open.

The purpose of checking the data that feeds into the Central Assessment Timetable is to ensure that the data we hold is correct, to identify any assessments/examinations that must be timetabled together, and to submit scheduling requests. 

Assessment Operating Model 2021/22 

A new Assessment Operating Model for 2021/22 has recently been approved by Education Committee.  If you have not already familiarised yourself with the new regulations, then please do so.

All centrally managed assessments will continue to be delivered on-line via AssessmentUCL for 2021/22.

For unseen written exams the default delivery will now be “Controlled Condition Exam” where the duration accurately reflects the amount of time which a student should spend on the assessment.

Where there are sound educational reasons, departments will have the option to deliver some exams as 24-hour “Take-home Papers” instead. 

With this in mind, the exam durations in Portico have been amended to show the pre-Covid-19 durations.  Departments will need to check this information carefully, and to let us know if they wish to deliver any of the exams as a 24-hour Take-Home paper” instead, or if the duration we have added is incorrect.  

The Central Assessment Team will be happy to schedule and manage any 24-hour take home papers that are to be delivered during the central assessment period (25 April -27 May).  However, we will NOT be able to schedule/manage any take-home papers with a duration of longer than 24-hours.

Please note that while we can accept duration amendments; we CANNOT accept any other changes to Module assessment data for the current academic year.


While it is normally the case for students with trailed resits/deferrals to be assessed by the same method as was in place for the original attempt; it has been agreed that for this year, if a teaching department deems it appropriate, such candidates MAY be assessed by the 2021/22 method/duration.

It would be helpful if you could let us know whether you wish the durations for resit/deferred candidates to be amended to the 2021/22 length or not.


To support departments with this process we will be delivering some training sessions via Teams. Please sign up using one of the links below:

Monday 15th November 2pm-4pm

Tuesday 16th November 2pm - 4pm

Friday 26th November 10am-12pm

Monday 29th November 10am-12pm

Tuesday 7th December 2pm-4pm

Once you have signed up; you will be sent a link for the relevant MS Teams meeting.

The deadline for the completion of this task is 8 December 2021

Further Support 

The procedure notes have been made available on the TA Talk Team, within the “Centrally Managed Exams” channel for those of you who cannot make any of the training sessions.  If you have any questions then please raise them within that channel, using the @ELO tag to ensure that the Central Assessment Team are alerted.

These notes have also been emailed to ELOs.

Instructions on how to join TA Talk can be found at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/srs/news/2020/jun/join-ta-talk-and-stay-connected

Central Assessment Period

25 April – 27 May 2022.  

Module Selection Approvals Deadline Term 1 and 2 Modules 

As a reminder, the deadline for the departmental module approvals is 17 December after which we will take a download of data for the production of the assessment timetable.

Contact details for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk