Student and Registry Services


Ensuring Student Module Records are accurate

22 November 2021

Essential checking now Term 1 is well underway

Module checking – call to action

In order for the records to be accurate for students it is essential that the right modules are on the students’ records. Failure to check this now can lead to inefficiencies and errors that can affect their personal timetable, their exam entries, moodle and also delay mark entry and even students results. 
Please ensure

  • All modules have been approved
  • All students have the right credits on their record
  • Ensure placeholder records have been replaced with a module
  • Ensure the module has the right term
  • Ensure flexible students have the modules they are undertaking correctly recorded.

The ‘Summary by Student’ report in the Module Registration container has been enhanced to help you to check that students’ module registrations are in line with regulations and identify any problems. 

In order to facilitate this we will be emailing students to ensure they verify their module records. The email will ask all students to verify their modules selections and contact their departments if there are any inaccuracies. We will email the students on Monday 29th November and ask them to verify their modules by the 10th December. 

If you have any queries relating to the postgraduate exam board processes, please tag your Student Records team on your Faculty Teams channel or email examboards@ucl.ac.uk (staff queries only).