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Mark Entry Quick Guides

18 May 2021

Quick Guides available to assist with many mark entry topics

Student Records have created a number of Quick Guides to assist staff with mark entry ahead of your upcoming Exam Boards.  

Topics include: 

  • Mark Entry Overview 
  • Mark Entry – Who does what? 
  • Entering First Attempt Marks 
  • Entering Resit and Deferral Marks 
  • Resits and Deferrals – With and Without Tuition 
  • When and How to Undo Mark Entry 
  • Module Minutes 
  • Mark Penalties and Adjustments 
  • The EP grade 

The guides include high-level overviews of topics to explain the concepts more clearly, as well as concrete examples and step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, on how to complete tasks. 

These new Quick Guides will supplement the existing video training and FAQ resources on the Wiki. 

A link to the Mark Entry Guidance is available on the Exam Board Support page

Contact email for further information: examboards@ucl.ac.uk