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How to run an Exam Board

18 May 2021

Where to find procedures and regulations for the upcoming Exam Boards

The Exam Board Support webpages (staff login required) have now been updated with the latest information, guidance, forms etc. that you will need to run an exam board. This includes: 

  • Exam Board regulations and procedures 
  • External Examiners 
  • Types of Exam Boards 
  • Agenda setting 
  • Recommendations for running exam boards remotely 

Covid-19 Emergency Procedures 

The Exam Board Support website also includes the Covid-19 Boards of Examiners Emergency Procedures

You may need to refer to these if: 

  • You need to change the date of your Exam Board meeting 
  • Your Board is not quorate 
  • Your External Examiner cannot attend 
  • Marks are missing 
  • You need to provide evidence of due process to UCL Education Committee if the terms of reference cannot be met 

Contact email for further information: academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk