Student and Registry Services


Fast, accurate address checking solution now available to applicants and students

18 May 2021

Enhanced UK and international address validation software implemented in Portico

Earlier this month new address validation software was implemented in Portico to improve the speed and accuracy of postal address entry for applicants and students. The new solution provides comprehensive address verification for over 30 million UK addresses as well as international address management for 250 countries.

New 'Find Address' screens have been incorporated into all tasks where address details are entered or updated in Portico. A full UK or international address can be found from just a postcode or address fragment making it quick and easy to keep contact details up to date. The option to view an address on a map is a new feature which may be particularly useful for students entering unfamiliar term-time addresses.

Use of the validation software has been made mandatory to improve the accuracy of address data in Portico at the point of entry. Addresses can be edited where necessary, to add a room number for example, or added manually in exceptional cases where an address cannot be found. 

The key components of validated addresses will be consistently assigned to the appropriate data fields in Portico so that correctly formatted addresses can be used for the delivery of important documents, such as degree certificates and transcripts.

Improving the quality of address data in Portico is an important step in providing a better service to applicants and students by reducing the dissatisfaction and cost associated with lost or undelivered items.

Your support with reminding students to keep their address details up to date in Portico is greatly appreciated, especially students expecting to graduate from UCL this summer.

Contact details for further information: p.speller@ucl.ac.uk