Student and Registry Services


Implementing the 2021-22 Operating Model

16 March 2021

Decisions confirmed in the Operating Model are now being implemented

Following the publication to staff of the Operating Model for education in 2021-22, teams in Academic Services are implementing these decisions into online planning, maintenance and approval processes underway.

Modules delivered wholly online 

Student Records are devising a process to capture these modules, hopefully via Curriculum Data Maintenance on Portico, as soon as the process and timelines are clear a detailed communication will be sent out to Faculties and Departments.

Programmes offered wholly online 

A light touch route through the programme amendment process is currently being confirmed in order to create an additional mode of delivery for the relevant programmes. We will confirm details and open the window for submissions in the next week. The window is likely to close by late May in time to amend programme, student and applicant records as needed.

Exams in 2021-22 

In planning and confirming assessment arrangements for 2021-22, departments will in most cases need to plan for exams to be delivered online as invigilated in-person exams will be restricted to practical or practice-based assessments. We will confirm the formats available later in the year and we continue to develop new capabilities for online assessment more generally through the AssessmentUCL project

Contact email for further information: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk