Student and Registry Services


Student Feedback and our survey

2 June 2021

Feedback from students and our survey on student's experience with SID.

We are always looking for ways to improve askUCL and make the user experience as seamless as possible, hence why we repeatedly ask for feedback and suggestions on how we can improve student engagement with the system. 

Via the Student Enquiries Centre's recent survey, students had the following to say about askUCL:

  • I find AskUCL very effective way of contact any support team at UCL, as it gives the confirmation for each enquiry received the time and followed by the updates regarding the answer.
  • I really like AskUCL,  responses very quick. But I think the layout for the page could be more user-friendly (I sometimes cannot find where to input my questions).
  • I find a single portal like AskUCL very helpful for enquiries.
  • I think askUCL is excellent overall.  (March - April 2021).

We however know there is always room for improvement thus starting from mid-May until the end of July, all 'Close enquiry' emails sent from askUCL will include a survey button asking enquirers to let us know their thoughts on the system: 

  • We are surveying applicants, current students, alumni and third parties who interact with any of the UCL teams. 
  • Current students who complete the survey before the 31 July deadline, have a chance to win one of five Amazon vouchers. 

Staff only need to simply provide a solution and mark their enquiries as closed. Where possible, please encourage students and enquirers you interact with to complete the survey.

After 31 July, when the survey closes, we will share the outcomes with you and your teams via the Student Success platform webpage. In future meetings, we will let you know the plans we will be putting in place to implement any recommendations or celebrate positive feedback.

As always if you have any comments and questions, please contact us via SIDhelp.