Student and Registry Services


SID 9.06 system update

15 June 2021

Following the most recent upgrade to the system, you may have noticed some changes to how things look, we have created a user summary of the updates.

In February 2021 we updated the system to 9.06 here are the main notes on the update.  





756078: List issues when using quick add enquiry 'Hand on call to a new analyst' action. 

It was found that when using the 'Hand on call to new analyst' action, and quick add action, on an enquiry the action shows your team name in the drop-down list but then lists another team below with all their members. This was occurring in the New Enquiry screen, Enquiry Summary and Case Management staff selectors. This issue has now been resolved. 

Operational Reporting 

741564: When setting an additional field, either on cases or case notes the report doesn’t run in Operational Reporting 

Previously there was an issue whereby reports for additional case fields would not run in Operational Reporting for cases and case notes. This meant that no additional case field reports could be created. This has now been resolved. 


759198: Ensure valid HCL_EMAD used for Enquiry update emails when HELPDESK_185 set to HCL 

CCP HELPDESK_185 is now correctly working with the following settings CCN and HCL. 

This means that :- 

When HELPDESK_185 is set to CCN, the system will ignore the address set against the enquiry and use the primary email address for the student. (with CNN being persistently tested against the master system) 

When HELPDESK_185 is set to HCL the system will use the address set against the enquiry if that address is present on the student’s record (primary or otherwise (CCN_EMAD[1234] etc)) – with additional check to ensure valid; the address set to the student’s record (CNN) if HCL_EMAD fails aforementioned check/test,  - HCL_EMAD is updated from CCN to ensure a valid address email is set. 

Please note: If the student user has a record in the master system, this will take precendence over the user's record in SID and the primary email address will always be taken from the master system. For example, an email address is added to a CCN record within SID, which does not exist on the student user's record within the master system, and an email is sent from the email address on the CCN record to one of the EMH mailboxes. When this email is harvested, the system will identify that the email address matches what is on the student record in SID, however to create/update the enquiry, the student's record will then be upserted from the master system and overwrite the CCN record in SID to match. The result is that the enquiry will be created/updated successfully for the intended student, however any emails sent out to update the student user to this fact will be sent to the email address noted on the student's master system record and now CCN record. 



688028: Any field containing a case statement in the look-up, for example email address, could not be used to search for a student in the Student Finder 

There was an issue identified whereby any field containing a case statement in the look-up, for example email address, could not be used to search for a student in the Student Finder. Instead of returning the student in the results an error was returned thus making it impossible to search for a student using the criteria containing a case statement in the look-up. This issue has now been resolved and entering any valid, searchable information in to the student finder returns the correct student without error. 

758926: Subset of Case records not surfacing in area of the SID Application due to Case Join/Owner child records 

There was a defect in the Case Join/Case Owner fix process which prevented the fix from completing when a particular picce of data was not present. This meant that some Case records could not be surfaced due to the continued absence of Case Join/Case Owner records. This defect has now been fixed and the process can be successfully run to completion, enabling all Cases to be surfaced. PLEASE NOTE: as this is a slow running process it may be necessary to temporarily increase the timeout settings while this process is running. 

759343: Mitigation and logging 

Additional security and logging functionality have been added to the email service to make sure emails are always sent to the intended recipient. If an email attempt to send to an address that is not found against the record of the user it is intended for, their primary email address is taken instead. If an email is redirected, a unique warning message is added to the log at database level, so these incidents can be tracked. 

759306/761144: Changes to WCAG compliance in student side Appointments and FAQs screens 

Changes to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance were identified, specifically in relation to the Appointments and FAQs screens in the student side. 

Enhancements have now been made to WCAG compliance across these student side screens. 


755187: Vital information missing from container when hovering over appointment in Scheduler 

It was brought to our attention that when hovering over an appointment in the scheduler in SID9, it did not state the date and time of the appointment but instead the appointment ID. This has been rectified and the date and time are now displayed as it was in SID8 and other previous versions. 

Enquiry Management 

755094: Consistency needed in field order - Enquirer Code and Enquiry Code 

Previously, there was a consistency issue concerning the display order of the Enquirer Code and Enquiry Code fields throughout the Enquiry Management component. 

This issue has now been resolved and the Enquiry Code field will be the first item to appear in the list with the Enquirer Code field being the second. 

755619: Formatting issue on hover over for EMH created enquiries 

An issue was raised whereby the formatting on the hover over preview in the enquiry summary screens was not correctly formatted and appeared as just a big block of text if the enquiry had been created via EMH. This has now been resolved. The character limit of text displayed in the hover over has also been set to 500. 


759872: Erasure: Unable to delete tutor/tutee chat logs 

An issue was identified where the option to delete Tutor Conversations was not available in the erasure component. This has now been rectified so that Tutor/Tutee Conversations can be removed along with other student data 

759873: Deleting the first student on a multi-person case does not update  

A bug was identified where the case header record, for a case with multiple students, was not updated when the first student on the case was removed using Erasure. This has now been resolved and the header record for the case is updated with an alternate student from the case. 



765371/503783: Email address ending .support not searchable and displays message stating Invalid Email Address 

Previously, the domain name validation of an email address was limited to 6 characters. Therefore, when a staff user attempted to search for a specific student using the email filter on either the global student finder or the legacy left hand menu email search option, an error was returned. This has now been resolved and there is no upper limit to the domain name character count. 

Diary Management 

755903: When booking a student onto an appointment in the scheduler, only the student number shows and not the name or email 

When a student did not exist in SID, student details were not pulled through when creating an appointment via the appointment scheduler. Now, when interacting with a new student via the appointment scheduler, a new student record is created and the student details are copied across to the appointment. 

762768: Override and send email to staff does not work as an email is sent to both the staff member and the enquirer 

An issue was encountered concerning the override email functionality on diary appointments, specifically emails were still being sent to both staff and students when the override and send email to staff option was selected. 

This issue has now been resolved and when the override email functionality is used within a diary appointment, this selection is adhered to when sending emails out of the system. 

Case Management 

752854: Inconsistent ACF behaviour between Case level and Note level 

It was observed that there was inconsistent behaviour between the Single Select Additional Fields on a Case and on a Case Note. This has now been rectified such that for both Cases and Case Notes the Single Select Additional Fields are empty by default. 

686956: Redevelop join handling for cases and Enquiry standard responses 

Previously, you were unable to search for existing staff, team or category codes via the case or enquiry standard response screen. This has now been resolved and you can now add codes via the search functionality rather than ad-hoc adding a specific code. 

741048 : Take Case CCPs into consideration on staff dashboard 

Previously, on the staff dashboard, CASEMGMT_005, CASEMGMT_007 and CASEMGMT_008 ccps were not taken into consideration. Therefore, the respective case bar charts always appeared. This has now been resolved and the CCP value now takes effect on the page. For example, if CASE_MGMT_005 was set to "NOTE" or "NONE", the status bar chart would not show. 

Operational Reporting 

761548: Any appointments that have more than a single student booked on are not counted in the Op Rep results as a booked appointment 

Previously, appointments that had more than one student on were not showing as booked in the operational reporting component. This has now been fixed. 

756555/762576: Operational Reporting Custom Columns are pulling through as 'Undefined' 

An issue was identified whereby custom columns headings were showing as "undefined" for Enquiry reports when include field names was selected. This has now been fixed and the custom column headings show as expected. 

712902: Error caused when large reports created in Operational Reporting 

An issue was encountered within Operational Reporting whereby creation of reports with large data sets caused the page to error when using the pagination, and so no more than 2,000 records could be viewed.: 

This issue has now been resolved and reports with large data sets can now be viewed in their entirety without error. 

Enquiry Management 

762244: Parameter set on a HAT record is not considered on multi-action updates 

Previously, when 'CHECKBOX_EMAIL_OWNER=FALSE' was set within the Enquiry Action Codes, it was not taken into account when a user used a multi-action update to update an Enquiry. This issue has now been rectified and this parameter is taken into account, when using the multi-action update functionality. 

609145/687305: Query Management: popup_details_links placeholder improvements 

Improvements have been made to this placeholder which functions within Enquiries. The options now include 'new window/tab' and all of the links displayed will direct the user to the new Enquiry pages. By clicking a link to view the student's queries, access controls will be taken into consideration and results will be returned based on the level of access the staff member has. If the staff member does not have access to log a new enquiry, this link will not be visible.